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About Roché Herbst

Roché Herbst is the principal and founder based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She has over 23 years of experience in both internal roles and external consulting. As an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, consultant and facilitator she has worked in all areas of Human Resources with clients from diverse backgrounds in a cross-sector of industries (Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, Manufacturing, Breweries, Airlines, IT Telecommunications, Industrial Automation, Construction, Insurance and Financial). Her international work experience includes the UK, USA, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa. She is the author of numerous scholarly articles that have been published in peer-reviewed academic journals, industry magazines and has presented at international conferences.

She specializes in a broad range of people practices to include Job analysis, Competency design, Leadership and Talent assessment for development, placement, career and succession planning purposes, Psychoeducational or Learning assessments, Talent program evaluation and Diversity and Inclusion workshops. She combines business sense with psychology and her approach focuses on a suite of progressive, best-in-class processes that put people first.

Roché believes that people experience the world subjectively where we often make judgment determinations of things based on our unique experiences and perceptions. Her holistic approach addresses the potential capability of individuals and organizations across culture and language barriers, to effectively cope with the growing complexity and ambiguity of managing in today's world.

Roché currently holds Honnors and Master Degrees (Industrial Organizational Psychology) from the University of South Africa and is in the research process for her Doctorate degree.

Specializing in holistic, integrative, suitability, leader, talent Assessment and Development practices, Developing high-potential employees, Accountability Based Organizational person-role matching (Stratified Systems Theory or Requisite Organization), Competency and Role profile development, Evaluation of Talent programs, Diversity and Inclusion workshops and ADHD assessment.

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